Beef Bavette with Tomatoes and Thick-Cut Potatoes


Fresh Ingredients

Small bowls of ingredients

Small bowls help keep everything organized and neat.

DSC00390 - Copy

I find most of the sauces I use at Wegman’s. Their international aisle is well stocked, but Global Foods seems to have everything!



Firm tofu works best for frying.

I always try to begin with a good preparation of the ingredients, no need in having to search for things in the kitchen once the cooking begins.



Ready to eat!

Even before this recipe I’ve always been in love with frying tofu. I find it goes well with vibrant meals and this one is no exception. Easiest way is to use firm tofu, make sure it is as dry as possible, coat with corn starch and fry until crispy. Dip in a sweet chili sauce such as Maggi Sweet Chili Sauce or make your own sauce.


French Fries

The one thing I thought was unusual with this recipe was including french fries. I’ve never made french fries in a wok!


Corn starch and some salt and pepper before cooking.


Into the wok


Skirt steak also known as beef bavette


Jalapeños and garlic

Here comes the flavor!


Oyster sauce on the tomatoes


Some scallions


And then the veggies! The french fries look so weird added into the mix but from what I have read, steak with french fries is very popular in Vietnam, and this recipe came from my very first Vietnamese cook book.


Everything back in the wok


Glamour shot!

Add the beef back in.


On the plate and ready to eat.


Lets eat! I hope to try more recipes from this cookbook.

This recipe is adapted from the book Vietnamese Home Cooking by Charles Phan. Copyright © 2012 by Charles Phan


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